Find. Self-learning engine scours the web 24/7 to discover relevant content for your audience.

Discover Fresh Content

Curata's INSPIRETM discover engine uses language processing to identify content, coupled with a self-learning capability to evolve the search and discovery process.

Discovers & Uncovers

Easily Customize Your Content Flow

Instantly fine tune your sources to get just the content you want, from just the sources you want. Add, remove or filter content sources as you go.

Manage Your Content Flow

Improve content quality with a self-learning, recommendation engine

Learns what type of content you like and dislike in order to prioritize and suggest relevant content and sources.

Learns your preferences

Curate as you surf the web and empower your team to curate

Quickly add any article as you browse the web using the bookmarklet browser plugin. Empowers your team to easily curate content.


Curate Videos

Identifies embedded videos in your content from sites like YouTube and others.

If we didn't have Curata, I could easily say we'd have to employ at least one person to find the articles and post it all.

— Bob Meyer, President & Co-Founder
MPS Connect