Content Marketing Interview Questions

As expected with the growth of content marketing, and the investment in content marketing (71 percent of companies are increasing budgets according to one survey), more companies are opening up content positions in their departments. I’ve put together some key interview questions that you as an employer should ask, or you as a candidate should be able to answer while interviewing for these positions.


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The Content Marketing Marathon [Infographic]


This morning, the runners of the Boston Marathon took to the streets of the city once again in pursuit of crossing the finish line on Boylston. I commend their hard work, drive and dedication to reach the finish line, not only due to the physical feat of running 26.2 miles, but because the marathon is no longer just a race for Boston. As a local company, we proudly support the achievements of all the athletes who choose to run for the city. Read more »

14 Expert Content Marketing Insights [Infographic]

14expertbannerContent marketing is not just a growing trend — it’s a growing necessity to succeed in today’s marketplace. With over 70 percent of marketers increasing their budget on content this year, it’s imperative that they understand content marketing best practices before diving in too quickly. The following infographic includes tips & tactics from 14 experts taken from recent content marketing events; intended to help you adjust your current content strategy to add value, drive engagement and increase leads. Read more »

Customer Engagement Guidelines from Forrester’s Forum for Marketing Leaders


There’s no doubt we’ve made significant progress as marketers during the past 20 years of evolution, especially shifting to a laser focus on marketing ROI and optimizing our campaign strategies. However, now’s not the time for complacency, and this message was expertly delivered at Forrester’s Forum for Marketing Leaders Beyond the Campaign: Deliver Real-Time Customer Value.

For those of you unable to attend, or simply looking for the highlights from this event, I provided below a summary of my day 1 takeaways as well as key points by several of the speakers from a CMO and content marketing perspective: Read more »

Content Marketing Perspective of Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit


There’s no doubt that content marketing must be part of your marketing strategy, however, you won’t get too far without putting a solid measurement process in place.  A key part of this process must be integration with your marketing automation system. With this in mind, I spent two days at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2014 to learn how connected marketing automation practitioners are to content marketing.  Bottom line?. . . Although social media and content marketers are delivering some great, non-egocentric content to their audience, there’s still a big disconnect between content marketing and lead nurturing/automation; especially from a measurement perspective. Read more »

What’s your Content Marketing Animal Spirit? [Quiz]


takequizAre you a content marketing fox? Wildebeest? Elephant? What about a T-Rex? If you’re all caught up on the best content marketing strategies and tactics revealed in our Content Marketing Tactics Planner, then you may already have an inkling.

The 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner is the result of our third annual content marketing benchmark study. The findings in this year’s report delve deep into the tactical aspects of digital marketing. The study revealed what strategies are being formed by 500+ marketing organizations and provides guidance on what you can do to improve and differentiate your own content marketing strategy. Read more »

Growth Hacking for Marketing by David Skok and SiriusDecisions

The Mass Technology Leadership Council(MassTLC) recently held its annual Sales & Marketing Summit: Building a Lean, Self-Perpetuating Marketing Machine.  For those of you unable to attend, or simply looking for the highlights from this event, I provided below a summary of my takeaways as well as key points by each of the speakers and panelists. Read more »

The Ultimate Social Media Marketing World Wrap-Up


As I got settled in my airplane seat, getting ready to take off for Social Media Marketing World 2014 (SMMW14), a woman approached me and said, “Welcome to JetBlue, I’ll be your window seat companion on this flight to sunny San Diego.” Considering this woman’s kind and professional voice, my first thought was that this was a stewardess who would be joining me as a passenger, perhaps on her way back home to San Diego.  As I looked up, I realized that it was actually Laura Fitton, aka @Pistachio. At that point, I knew that this event was going to be a lot more than your average marketing conference.

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