Content Writing Services: The Ultimate List


One of the top challenges in the world of content marketing is creating enough content to provide value for your audience and keeping readers engaged. Many marketers are turning to curation to support their content strategy, with best-in-class content marketers using a mix of 65 percent created content and 25 percent curated content. Content curation is a great way to publish high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis to support a crucial component of your strategy – creation. 

Created content can boost SEO, drive high quality leads and establish you as a thought leader; but in organizations that have a limited staff and budget, content creation often falls by the wayside or in the lap of marketers who already have their plates full. As an enlightened marketer, you know that content marketing is no part-time job and shouldn’t be treated as such. In order to maintain a successful content strategy, you need dedicated content writers to publish consistently and keep your potential buyers and customers engaged.

So what to do if hiring an in-house content team is out of your budget?

Outsourcing to freelancers or agencies for content creation support is a popular option for organizations with limited resources. Our latest research found that 17 percent of marketers are turning to freelance writers for high quality and relevant content. If you’re unable to feed the content beast on your own, a content writing service may be a great option for your marketing team.

Below is a list of content creation services that can help get your content strategy off the ground, drive SEO and improve engagement.


Scripted – Scripted is a digital forum that connects organizations with highly qualified freelancers they can hire to write blogs, articles, and bulk social media posts.

Zerys – Zerys doubles as a marketplace for thousands of freelancers to connect with businesses and also provides a project management tool for content.

Ebyline – Ebyline aims to help brands and publishers find and hire high quality content creators and simplify the freelancer management process.

CrowdFlower – A leader in enterprise crowdsourcing, CrowdFlower offers original, high quality created content in multiple languages from skilled wordsmiths.

WriterAccess – WriterAccess connects businesses with one of their thousands of freelance writers in minutes, with a quick turnover rate.

Textbroker – is an online forum for custom-made, original written content with over 100,000 U.S.-based freelance writers who can write on various topics.

Skyword – Skyword helps businesses engage their audiences with unique content that is designed to perform in social media and search.

ODesk – oDesk is a large online marketplace for businesses to interact with writers and designers and hire freelancers based on their digital needs.

CrowdSource – A crowd of qualified writers, editors and moderators are managed by CrowdSource to perform large-scale content creation quickly and efficiently.

Elance – Over 2 million freelancers -web developers, mobile programmers, designers, writers and translators – from around the world can be hired on Elance.

Brafton – Brafton is an agency that provides custom content, in various formats, from full-time content writers and designers to increase traffic and conversions.

Outspoken Media – Outspoken Media provides custom content creation in the form of blog posts, authority articles, Linkbait, press releases and optimized content.

Internet Marketing Ninjas – Internet Marketing Ninjas is an online marketing service that provides search engine optimized web content.

iStrategy Labs – Custom content in the form of animation, videography, video editing, copy writing, blogging and crowdsourcing is offered by iStrategy Labs.

Mad Wire Media – Mad Wire Media can help businesses develop their messaging on websites and increase search rank with content created by skilled writers.

Graphtek – Original, engaging website copy that reflects brand messaging and provides value for customers can be provided by Graphtek.

SEO Advantage – Articles written by SEO Advantage can help organizations rank in search for relevant topics as they are written by SEO professionals.

Socius Marketing – Socius Marketing provides researched, custom and well-written articles for businesses looking to extend their digital reach.

Phenomenal Content LLC – The writers at Phenomenal Content provide high quality, original content in the form of copywriting, article writing, blogging and editing.

Digital Sherpa – Digital Sherpa specializes in custom content, no matter what topic, that directly adds value to your brand and for your audience.

Contently – Contently allows brands to connect with freelancers in new ways to boost content creation and to power the next generation of media companies.

Copify – Businesses from around the world are able to source fast, high quality content from approved copywriters with the assistance of Copify.

Engines of Creation – Their goal at Engines of Creation is to provide well written page copy that’s relevant and optimized for search, but avoids keyword stuffing.

SocialSite Media – SocialSite Media repurposes and optimizes existing content, creates new site content and helps with landing page development and editorial calendaring.

Simply Done Tech Solutions – Simply Done Tech Solutions aims to help grow inbound marketing strategies and improve SEO in the form of blogs, case studies, eBooks, etc.

inklyo – Professional journalists, copywriters and bloggers can be found on inklyo to create quality content that provides value for readers and attracts attention.

Godot – Godot provides reliable and quality content writing services for organizations that need to give their content marketing strategy a boost, no matter their audience.

mediashower – Content at mediashower is written by professional journalists and edited by SEO experts to ensure it ranks higher and receives more attention.

fiverr – Fiverr is a worldwide online marketplace that offers content creation services beginning at five dollars per job performed.

SureWriteSEO – As a professional content writing company, SureWriteSEO specializes in high quality, relevant content that is optimized for search.

Express Writers – Express Writers provides professional copywriting services in the form of blogs, articles, resumes, website copy, landing pages and press releases.

No2Pen – No. 2 Pen aims to helps brands tell their story through optimized website content and strategy development so they can establish an online presence.

iWebContent – iWebContent writes, optimizes and designs content for users and businesses looking to boost their content marketing strategy and stand out in search.

Web Content Broker – Web Content Broker is a collaboration between Textbroker and SEMLogic that provides premium SEO-friendly posts using professional writers and SEO software.

Constant Content – On Constant Content, users can commission freelance writers to create custom articles for their sites. Users can also buy pre-written articles.

Brivin Corp – The content creation services provided by Brivin Corp seek to boost engagement and are always original and researched by professionals to ensure quality.

Content Customs – Content Customs allows organizations to converse with content writers and exchange ideas with designers to ensure that their created content meets goals.

Blog Mutt – Blog Mutt aims to be a hassle-free content writing service by using a crowd of experienced writers to produce unique blogs for companies who need consistent content.

Vertical Measures – A content marketing agency specializing in the development of long form and visual content. This includes free guides, case studies, white papers, infographics, resource pages and video.

Once you get cranking on content creation, content marketing specific tools are a great way to differentiate your organization.

Know of any great content creation services? Let us know in the comments below!'

Meg Sutton is the Content Marketing Specialist at Curata. She served as a content marketer at Lionbridge Technologies before bringing her creative know-how over to the Curata team. Meg earned her B.S. in Marketing as well as her Liberal Studies Degree in Media, Arts & Society at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.

  • Renae Gregoire

    Or, skip the middlemen and go right to the freelance writers themselves :)

    • Pawan Deshpande

      Absolutely Renae! That works the best if you can find someone who is both reliable, and has the capacity to support you.

  • Debbie Williams

    Curious- what was your criteria for this list – and what were the credibility factors?

    • Pawan Deshpande

      We looked at a number of factors such as:
      * General reputation in the marketplace. If they are well known providers.
      * Size of talent pool. How many writers they offer in their marketplace.
      * Content Marketing Focus. We specifically looked for companies that help with content marketing content, as opposed to other forms of content such as static website copy.
      * Dedicated content writing services. These days a lot of agencies provide writing services among their portfolio of other digital marketing offerings. However, we were especially seeking firms that had a large or sole focus on writing services.

      Lastly, like any other list out there, it’s not meant to be comprehensive… so there are many others that are not included in here. If there are any ones that you would like to suggest, please let us know in the comments.

  • Aussiewebmaster

    Missed a few big ones – CopyPress being the major one

    • Julia McCoy

      CopyPress is more of a marketing service than a straight up, page-for-page copywriting service.

  • Startup Comedy 1.0

    Related note: On Saturday morning I tweeted the below message to ~25 employees of content-marketing companies:

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    A screen capture of this email:

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    After 2 days on SlideShare, the document I linked to in my tweet has 700+ views.

  • Julia McCoy

    Very pleased you found my company, Express Writers, high quality and reputable enough to place in your list! :-)

    The only correction – public relations should be press releases – when we say “PR”, our clients are typically ordering press release writing and distribution with us. We partner with PRWeb for the distribution and have team PR journalists.

    • Pawan Deshpande

      You’re welcome, Julia! We will correct the post regarding press releases.

  • Nikko

    Check out the content writing service for marketing solutions from Hubstaff. They produce excellent content for businesses because they have teams of native English speakers and literary majors who enjoy writing and blogging for various niches. –

    • Pawan Deshpande

      Nikko, thanks for sharing. I like your time tracking solution as well.

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