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Curata Teams Up with HubSpot to Drive Leads for 360Chestnut


Cambridge, MA - Curata, Inc., the leading provider of business grade curation software, has teamed with HubSpot to boost marketers’ content marketing engines. The Curata integration allows marketers to seamlessly stream curated content to their online destinations through HubSpot's platform. 360Chestnut, a leader in connecting homeowners with energy efficient contractors, has improved their ability to deliver quality content to their audience as a result of using the Curata-HubSpot integrated solution, as well as driving more leads for their sales team.

“Before implementing Curata, we were only posting one to two blogs per week. Now we’re publishing five to seven every week. Our Twitter followers have increased by 20% as well,” states Caroline Egan, who manages social media and content at 360Chestnut. With the growing environmental trend, there is no doubt that consumers are seeking out relevant information from providers like 360Chestnut; however, it’s often difficult for small businesses like 360Chestnut to establish thought leadership with their limited resources. “Curata allows us to develop thought leadership by providing us with a variety of relevant content to choose from for our audience. I’m able to find and post articles on topics I’m not an expert on and add my own insights to high quality content; and in a fraction of the time that it would have taken me on my own.”

“We’ve seen a 40% increase in marketing leads since Curata’s installation, and we’re getting a much higher quality of visitors to the site as a result of offering great content,” states Harold Simansky, Founder and CEO of 360Chestnut. There is no doubt that 360Chestnut are experts in their field, but consumers want information on various topics in different locations around the country. Many energy and other environmentally related rebate and incentive programs are highly localized, and without a large staff, it’s difficult to track these opportunities at a local level. As Caroline indicates, “If an incentive for a new heating & cooling system is offered in Virginia, I don’t need to find an expert in that state. We can leverage Curata’s Find engine to track these localized incentives on our own, and share them with our audience.”

Most companies today have a content team (staff and freelancers) working around the clock creating original content. “Even if you have the resources and talent to create all of your own content, buyers today want different perspectives from their peers and other independent parties. Best in class marketers, like 360Chestnut, recognize the importance of complementing created content with relevant curated content to accomplish this objective,” states Curata’s CMO, Michael Gerard. “Tapping into the capabilities of a business grade curation platform like Curata, coupled with HubSpot’s inbound marketing engine, enables marketers to efficiently fuel their content marketing engine while better engaging with their audience to establish thought leadership and gain buyer trust.”

About 360Chestnut

360Chestnut is a one-stop information resource tool for the consumer to figure out the optimum project they should do to their home from an energy efficiency and rebate/incentive perspective.

Once the consumer determines their top project(s), 360Chestnut helps them connect with a credited service provider who can do the work. 360Chestnut is in the process of building out a service provider network. Focused on the consumer, they help people understand what they should be doing to their homes and how to think of their home as a system.

Our goal at 360Chestnut is to create a more knowledgeable consumer base and connect them to knowledgeable contractors. We don’t sell leads; rather, we facilitate relationships between the consumer and the appropriate contractors. We want a deep relationship with both sides of the equation.

For more information visit and stay up to date on the 360Chestnut Blog.

About Curata

Curata, Inc. is the leading provider of software that empowers marketers to scale a data-driven, content marketing supply chain to grow leads and revenue. Curata CMP (content marketing platform) and Curata CCS (content curation software) enable marketers, for the first time, to harness the power of content creation, curation and analytics to yield a predictable and more successful stream of content. Key components of Curata CMP include strategy, production (e.g., calendaring, workflow) and analytics, along with the option of adding the industry’s leading business grade content curation software, Curata CCS.  Hundreds of companies already depend upon Curata to fuel their content marketing engine. Curata was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Boston, Mass. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @curata.