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Governor Baker Talks Non-Competes and Boston Brain Drain with Curata


Boston, MA, April 27, 2016 - Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker last Thursday entertained employees of Curata at Massachusetts State house.

The genial, 6’ 6” Republican discussed non-compete agreements in his chambers with Curata executives and CEO and founder Pawan Deshpande—a hot topic in the Massachusetts tech sector. Non-compete agreements are used to prevent employees from working for a competitor for up to several years. Startups argue they often cannot hired qualified talent because someone recently worked at a larger company with a non-compete—and the resources to legally enforce it. Larger, more established companies argue they need non-competes to protect their intellectual property if an employee goes to work for a competitor.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo pledged in March to limit all non-compete agreements to 12 months before the end of the legislative session this summer.

The Curata team also talked about Boston’s infamous ‘brain drain’ with Governor Baker. Massachusetts excels at attracting a disproportionate number of undergraduates to study here—many of the smartest and most talented in the country—but struggles to retain them. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher aged 22–27 years grew by only 12.1 percent in New England between 1990 and 2010— less than one-third the national increase.

Contributing factors to the brain drain discussed included the large number of students imported into Boston who return home after their schooling, high housing prices, the weather, a lack of seed funds for startups, the job opportunities available to highly skilled graduates in other locations, and non-competes that end up sending Massachusetts’ highest-skilled, most talented young workers to other states lacking the agreements.

“We were honoured to meet with the Governor,” said Deshpande. “Given his prior experience before coming to office, he truly understands the challenges of businesses. It’s great to see him in a position of power to help advance the tech sector in Massachusetts.”

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