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Announcing Curata CMP: a Revolutionary Marketing Platform for Connecting Content to Revenue


Boston, MA October 12, 2016 - For the first time ever, businesses can now directly attribute sales pipeline, lead generation, and revenue to content. Curata CMP (Content Marketing Platform), developed by alumni from Google, Microsoft, Yale, and MIT, enables marketers to plan, manage, and measure content’s impact throughout the marketing and sales funnel—all the way to the exact revenue generated by a piece of content.

Curata CMP combines these revolutionary analytics with a powerful editorial calendar, so organizations can streamline their content supply chain, keep all collaborators both inside and outside the organization on the same page, incorporate data-driven insights into the production process, and plan and execute content programs across contributors, channels, and timelines.

“Today, 80 percent of a customer’s buying decision happens before they ever interact with sales, primarily by consuming ungated content most marketers simply can't measure. But this blind spot is precisely where the majority of marketing budgets are spent,” says Curata founder and CEO Pawan Deshpande. “Curata CMP is the only software that unearths this information, allowing businesses to know exactly which content works, which doesn’t—and why.”

It does this by seamlessly integrating with the most popular technologies used in marketing stacks today, including Google Analytics, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and Salesforce. And rather than forcing users into a single editing and publishing platform, Curata CMP allows users the flexibility of their preferred platform for creating or publishing content, be it Microsoft Word, Google Docs, WordPress, Drupal, or their own content management system.

"Curata CMP gives us a real-time snapshot of how our content contributes to our business goals,” says Vishal Khanna, Digital Marketing Director at Wake Forest Innovations. “We no longer have to manually try to understand content's influence on our bottom line." Khanna was the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Content Marketer of the Year.

Curata CMP has seen rapid adoption amongst, Zendesk, Symantec, Navisite, Sendgrid, Telia, the Detroit Pistons, Rogers Communications, JDA, Nuance, and Aramark, as well as small and medium businesses across America and the world.

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