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Business Bloggers Reveal Secrets to Getting 10,000+ Page Views Per Month


BOSTON, Massachusetts –

Seventy one percent of companies are increasing investment in content marketing in order to better engage their buyers.  What’s one of the top four tactics in use by these content marketers? The business blog. However, as successful as some business bloggers have been (e.g., achieving high traffic and corporate website referrals, and generating leads), many bloggers fail to see the same results. What can marketers learn from the best practitioners, and what impact can and should they expect? A recent study by Curata set out to answer these questions.

Curata completed a survey of 428 marketers, finding that 22% of business blogs have achieved traffic averaging over 10,000 page views per month (i.e., the 10K Club); while 48% are getting less than 1,000 page views per month.  This 10K group applies specific best practices across the four stages of the content supply chain: strategy, production, publishing and analytics. (refer to the below figure)

In regards to content production, Curata’s study finds that 90% of the 10K Club publish posts at least once a week. In addition, the best bloggers don’t stop at creating great content frequently – they market their marketing. These bloggers use a variety of promotional techniques, including relying heavily on the use of frequent newsletters: 39% send out newsletters at least once a week.

“Blogging has matured from a consumer activity into a sophisticated marketing tactic, and the best bloggers out there are greatly impacting their company’s content marketing efforts,” said Michael Gerard, CMO of Curata. “These best-in-class bloggers don’t blog casually — they see blogging as part of a larger content strategy. 

Additional data and insight revealed in this study includes blog investment forecasts, the ideal length of blog posts, outsourcing strategies for writing posts, promotional tactics and blog analytics benchmarks. To see the full results of the survey, download Curata’s report here.

About Curata

Curata, Inc. is the leading provider of software that empowers marketers to scale a data-driven, content marketing supply chain to grow leads and revenue. Curata CMP (content marketing platform) and Curata CCS (content curation software) enable marketers, for the first time, to harness the power of content creation, curation and analytics to yield a predictable and more successful stream of content. Key components of Curata CMP include strategy, production (e.g., calendaring, workflow) and analytics, along with the option of adding the industry’s leading business grade content curation software, Curata CCS.  Hundreds of companies already depend upon Curata to fuel their content marketing engine. Curata was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Boston, Mass. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @curata.