Organize. Easily organize, annotate and contextualize content to engage and inspire your audience.

Categorize Intelligently

Group your content for ease of access by your audience and social and SEO leverage. Curata then learns to categorize your content automatically.

Categorize intelligently

Trending Topics

Curata automatically recognizes important and trending topics based on your content, and creates landing pages to optimize long-tail SEO results.

Trending Topics

Content Enrichment

Supplements your content with rich meta data including pictures and quotes. Provide a more robust experience for your audience.

Content Enrichment

Smart Recommendations

Recommends related content to your audience based on similar topics, categories and meta data. Engage your audience, and keep them on your site longer.

Smart recommendations

Archive & Index

Build a vast archive of curated content over time. Offer full text search capabilities to your audience to make your content evergreen.

Archive & Index
Categories, index, to make content navigable, in ways that I've been looking for for years.

— Mary Chitty, Library & Taxonomist
Cambridge Healthtech