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Over 70% of Marketers Plan to Increase Spend on Content Marketing in 2014


The content marketing industry will be expanding in 2014. According to Curata, Inc.'s fourth annual benchmarks study, 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner: Creation, Curation and Syndication, 71% of marketers are increasing their content marketing investment in 2014, and 39% are increasing spend on curation. However, many organizations will find that it takes more than increased budget to be successful as a content marketer.

Curata Teams Up with HubSpot to Drive Leads for 360Chestnut


Curata, Inc., the leading provider of business grade curation software, has teamed with HubSpot to boost marketers’ content marketing engines. The Curata integration allows marketers to seamlessly stream curated content to their online destinations through HubSpot's platform.

Pictures to Click-thrus: Curata and Zemanta Partnership


Curata unveiled their integration and partnership with Zemanta to launch “Image Recommendations.” The recommended images can be used for all aspects of the product, including curated content, curated topics and original blog content.

News Coverage

10 Great Content Curation Tools


Content curation has become an important part of the content marketing mix. Here are ten tools to use in your content curation efforts.

12 People Proving That Content Marketing Is More Than A Buzzword


The last couple of years have brought us plenty of trends. Content marketing might be one of them, but it is also here to stay. Here's a list of successful advocates of content marketing, 12 people who are proving that it is more than just a fad.

Building a Lean, Mean, Self-Perpetuating Marketing Machine


Thank you to everyone that attended MassTLC’s sold out Sales and Marketing summit “Building a Lean, Self-Perpetuating Marketing Machine” on April 4, 2014. The day started off strong with the sun shining brightly at the UMASS Boston campus – finally! Two guest bloggers provided terrific overviews of the event. Michael Gerard, CMO at Curata, penned the first post with key takeaways across each session at the summit. 

The Rise of the Content Marketing Executive


Content marketing is a hot topic among publishers, marketers, and content providers in general. Despite the buzz, confusion still abounds. From how to define content marketing to how to execute a strategy-and reach your goals-many companies are still struggling with the details of content marketing.

Content Marketing Tools for Your Brand


Creating powerful content that grows your business can be a discouraging process. It’s possible to spend countless hours producing something to help your brand reach the next level, only to discover that it does little in the way of improving engagement, traffic, or sales.

Find the Right Content Marketing Mix


As content marketing grows in popularity, marketers are discovering that – for all but the largest and best-funded marketing teams – it’s nearly impossible to publish only original, created content at the pace expected of today’s brands.

Content Marketing Tools List


The Ultimate Content Marketing Tools List infographic created by Curata appears first in Lead MD's 10 winners of the Content Marketing Nation Contest.

The Top 100 #ContentMarketing Thought Leaders


From content shock to content schlock, content marketing has come under increasing scrutiny in 2014, as the market oscillates between banal "me-too" tips and reactionary treatises against content marketing. 

Why Content Marketing Fails


While content is an essential part of any comprehensive marketing strategy, it’s not a magic bullet—nor will it solve all of your marketing woes.

Why it’s better to shift your content marketing focus to ROI


Content marketing is an essential part of leading marketing strategies today. According to surveys conducted by Curata, marketers from over 500 organizations identified their top three content challenges as “limited staff, limited budget, and creating enough content.”

The best content marketing tools


Do you need help curating content? Do you wish you had a tool that could distribute your content to a targeted audience? This infographic may have some answers.

SEO and content writing tips


Discover the latest Google algorithm news, new plans for 'not provided,' as well as expert content tips.

Lean Content Definition Roundup


What's your lean content definition? Not sure? Here are 22 definitions of lean content by content marketing experts to help guide you.

7 trends in internal digital content


In an age of videos and internal social sharing, creative communicators are thinking deeply about content and results, says Chuck Gose, vice president of solutions marketing and global practice leader for employee communications at RMG Networks. 

Content Curation: Definitive Tool to Target Specific Audience


Content curation is the creation of significant and appropriate content relating to a specific topic or niche. This terrific marketing tool filters news and information and uses it to compile only very relevant information which is used to develop a business.

6 Facts About Content Curation and SEO You May Not Know


If you struggle with providing a steady stream of fresh, relevant content for your website, you’re not alone. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome this challenge, while also increasing the value you provide to your audience, is through the process of editorialized content curation.

10 Popular Content Curation Tools


Content curation tools play an important part in how you find and publish content, these are the 10 most popular tools available that make curation easier.

12 Top Inbound Marketing Articles


#1 – My favorite article of the week was Content Curation in Action: 360Chestnut which was posted on Curata’s blog site.  As marketers, we tend to talk a lot about what proper strategies and techniques, what you should and shouldn’t do, and our opinions on what will yield the best results.  But, we just don’t spend enough about putting all that good information in place and showcasing the results. 

The 5 C’s of Effective Content Marketing


If you're not already producing content for your brand, now is the time to start. When you know what you're doing, there's no more effective way to generate interest in your product or industry.

Are Content Marketers Setting Themselves Up For Failure?


According to Curata's recent survey on content marketing tactics, many marketers said they are planning to ramp up their content efforts in the coming year. However, they also said they are facing many challenges, chief among them: limited staff, limited budget, and creating enough content.

Content Marketing a Struggle?


Here's a new marketing term for you: Content curation. Curation is defined as 'when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organizes, annotates and shares the most relevant and highest-quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market,' according to the Curata. 

7 Questions Asked And Answered By Boston’s Hottest Tech CMOs


In January 2014, a group of prominent tech CMOs and Marketing VPs from the Greater Boston area came together for an engaging peer-to-peer discussion. Organized by MassTLC and led by David Skok of Matrix Partners and Mike Volpe of HubSpot, these experts raised a number of thought-provoking questions. 

SEO and content writing tips


Create landing pages that convert with these tips - and more - like a post just about the semicolon.

How will content marketers spend in 2014?


One of the primary appeals of content marketing is that it’s a relatively low-cost, high-impact tactic. Gone are the days of huge spends on hit-or-miss campaigns.