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EContent Magazine Names Curata as one of the Top 100 Companies Impacting the Digital Content Industry


In recent years, many marketers have shifted their budgets to focus on digital initiatives, such as the practice of content marketing. This form of marketing, which is the process of developing, executing and delivering content through several mediums, will continue to gain traction in the coming years. In fact, a recent survey of over 500 marketers, found that 71% plan to increase their investment in content marketing this year.


Over 70% of Marketers Plan to Increase Spend on Content Marketing in 2014


The content marketing industry will be expanding in 2014. According to Curata, Inc.'s fourth annual benchmarks study, 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner: Creation, Curation and Syndication, 71% of marketers are increasing their content marketing investment in 2014, and 39% are increasing spend on curation. However, many organizations will find that it takes more than increased budget to be successful as a content marketer.

Curata Teams Up with HubSpot to Drive Leads for 360Chestnut


Curata, Inc., the leading provider of business grade curation software, has teamed with HubSpot to boost marketers’ content marketing engines. The Curata integration allows marketers to seamlessly stream curated content to their online destinations through HubSpot's platform.

Pictures to Click-thrus: Curata and Zemanta Partnership


Curata unveiled their integration and partnership with Zemanta to launch “Image Recommendations.” The recommended images can be used for all aspects of the product, including curated content, curated topics and original blog content.

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